Sunday, August 13, 2006

Epidermal Outgrowths and Such

There is only ONE thing that women have in common - their vanity towards hair.

For a woman, there is no such thing as a bad hair day. It will never be counted as just a day. Most of the time it's just bad hair, that is, in her own perspective. And as long as there is a mirror around, those loathsome locks would never go away.

I have to be honest. A lot of times I would not notice whether there was a change in some woman's hair (even if she did made it obvious for me to see), especially those who have longer-than-above-the-shoulder types. They'd say, "Doesn't it look great?" I'd say, "Where've you been?" No, my eyes don't fail me. It's just that men can't possibly spend more than $10 to have a "trim."

Rebonding. Hot oil treatments. Shampoo? Sometimes women do all of these. And I still can't tell the difference. But what ticks me more is the fact that a lot of times, these same women will get frustrated that they don't have "that look" to boot, for their dress or shoes, or sometimes, even for their partner. Invite a guy to wait for you while you get that perm, and we'll be able to find out all the celebrities and their beauty secrets simply by reading those worthless fashion magazines that're only available in your local hair salon. And when the "tadaaa" finally comes up, all we can say will be, "that looks great honey," with a grin. I might be lying, I might not. Who could tell. You won't like what we'll say anyway because you'll still want more done on those black, blonde, or brunette glory of yours.

Your man will never think ill of you because of your hair. Face it, we don't care. You can even go for that G.I. Jane look. Personally one who can do that will certainly be at the top of my book, as long as this woman can be confident enough to feel that it will never be how those dead cells in your head are twined and twisted. It will always be you, who you are to the guy you think you love.

Eventually it will all be done and over and in a couple of days that hair treatment (expensive ones too) will be washed out into the drain. And your man will simply say the same thing. "You look great honey."


At 5:51 AM, Blogger nyss said...

some guys I know really care about the appearance of their GFs. my officemates would even notice if you just got your hair hot-oiled or relaxed. i guess, you're just different because you can look beyond the appearance of a girl. :) and that's good. all men should be like you.


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