Friday, January 25, 2008

Since, Sins

I was looking through some of the past comments and realized that I did not even get to evaluate them and think about doing something for their part. Most of those that did comment were, as I browsed, women.

One of them, a lady named faye, tries to convince her peers not to ever get caught into the idiocy that is loving a man that is undeserving. I say thank you for her big stride in reaching out. However, we do believe that it is a rather, big, big world out there.

We are to continually see that women seem to be at a disadvantage when they become very emotional about their experiences in relationships. Top it off with the fact that men, in their silliness and arrogance, fail to see this and end up with a commonly misunderstood state - hurt. For both sides, though they may not know it.

I say that there are two things that a woman should do: 1) Be proud. Being a woman is all there is to make men the way they should be - lovers, sincere partners. It is only when your pride begins to crumble that the men end up treading on you and never again see you for who you really are; and 2) Be accepting. Men always say, in cases where we do feel the hurt - that there are a lot of fish in the sea. Women should also accept that men can come and go out of your lives as well, and there's that much that you can do about it. Bitterness doesn't take that away, everyone already knows.

So here's to women - beauty, bitterness, but nothing less. Feel free. Live free. Be free. (Sounding like a sanitary napkin commercial).

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Smart Women are Stupid in Love

I remember talking to one of my woman friends and ended up recalling other friends who are of mental caliber, yet have fallen into the pit of stupidity.

Women friends who are really smart with the textbooks and the principles behind each written word, and yet I would hear about them getting dumped, ending up dumping, or duped into pregnancy by their men counterparts (or stupider men counterparts).

I asked this friend of mine, "So does that trend show us that women who may be at the top of their game in geekhood tend to be susceptible to, say, getting the crash in love?" I do remember she responded with the affirmative.

I have no explanation for this phenomenon. Neither do I have anything that can reverse it. All I know is that the other side of the fence shows women who are overtly naive, or are wild in the outside, and yet they end up being able to manage hitching up with marriage without getting pregnant and getting with a guy who is the darling of the world.

There is no self-righteousness behind this though. At some point, everybody, especially men, can make mistakes. But why the smart women? Why do we term them, SMART women?

I need help.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Stomach This

Real women are a dying breed. If I were a believer of evolution (which I am not), I'd say they have reached a pinnacle that should not have been ventured to. They have arrested themselves to a point of irrelevance. I prove this by coming to one point - women have abandoned fine cooking.

My generation's women seem to have nothing else in their mind except for careers and the ladder to success. I feel appalled by this because they seem to think that competing with men and the world is all there is to bring them to recognition. Not that the past had nothing to teach us about obscuring the role of women in our life's game. It just seems ridiculous now that women tend to want to prove themselves more and more. What they miss is that they are taking themselves into prominence less and less.

How has this age "refined" our women? The fast track. The microwave. The pizza dinners. For what? A taste of the ol' "if men can do it, so can we." Motherhood can wait. My husband's dinner doesn't have to be special. "I have to work." Work like a man. Talk like a man. Beat the crap out of the man. Cooking is for the oppressed. "I can think for myself."

What is wrong with being able to feed your husband and family a decent, delectable meal? Why do you have to go into corporate careers when you can be loved just the way you are? Is there no fulfillment in being able to supply your family with love through homemade desserts? Where have the women who KNOW how to cook gone?

The real woman would know that it is best to tell a man that dinner is ready rather than that the paycheck has already wasted over. A real man would know that it is easier to tell the real woman how delicious this evening's dinner is than it is to tell her about the hard day at work.

Stop spreading the falsity that men want women who are their equals. We want women who can cook, and can cook real good. Because in that, we can never, ever beat you.

Monday, February 12, 2007

Valentines is Dead

Women, or those who claim to be, love February 14th. Although a small number do end up loathing it, many are still trapped in its trance and subject themselves to the big lie that is love for one day.

Interestingly, this seeming "love" day is undetectly coated with so much selfish intentions and wanton disregard for other people's feelings that it proceeds to become one of my topmost hated, how to put it, "special days"?

Take for example, the following scenario:

"Where are we going today?" says the lady.
"Where do you want to go?" says the gentleman.
"You should think about something special. It's Valentines."
"I can't think of anything."
"You should have."
"Well, I'll stay with you today. I'll just skip work and I'll cook you your favorite dinner."
"No, you should have thought of something special. Why didn't you get reservations for a restaurant or something? Did you even get me flowers?"
"I didn't think it was such a big deal."
"Of course its a big deal. I know Tanya and her boyfriend are going to watch that lovely concert today. Now that's special."
"Well, I'm not Tanya's boyfriend OK? Isn't being with you today enough."
"You can't just slack off like that. You were supposed to do something special for me."
"I could try..."
"Too late."
"You've ruined my day. I don't want to see you."
"I wish some other guy would ask me out."
"Happy Valentines then!"

Of course, this might happen with over the course of a bratty girl movie with all-loving guy next door. But then again, wouldn't it happen to you?

Here's a flower. And yeah, I sent you the bill. @)-->-----

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

"I want to have Children"

I've heard this from some friends before, women of course, and they say it with so much enthusiasm as if they can say that during their labor pains. (Of course people will easily say that I myself have not been into labor and have no right to speak of it, but I did have physiological pains of my own for which none of you women will ever understand.) Painful wanderings aside, I get confused as to whether or not wanting to have children was a noble aim or a blind alternative to reality.

I would not hear this from men though. Is this some kind of gender divide, or is the thought of fostering another life within one's own body such a great experience that women will be willing to sacrifice their physique, career, and sometimes, sanity to want to get pregnant or want to have children? Is it the joy of having some little gentleman or lady tug at your skirt as they ask for something so innocent that you could easily give them a hug of delight for? Or maybe its the words that you can tell them while they sleep, knowing that in the morning they'll tell you that they had a dream and you were in it speaking to them?

I may never understand it, but I guess those words should not be taken lightly. Women and children have always been together, in literature, in films, and in evacuations. Whatever strikes the bond, men might just have to learn to follow suit.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

The Woman to Fall For is Always Taken . . .

Chatting online brings up a lot of weird things, including a weird thought. But not all weird things are untrue. Suddenly we got to a couple of sentences that led me to this idea - that when a guy sees a woman, someone he could fall in love with, more often than not, she's taken.

There may be some reasons for this, and I can only outline a few.

1. She's way too gorgeous. Men are known to be attracted primarily with a woman's appearance. A woman who has her way with grooming, her physique, her styles. You know what I mean. And since men are generalized this way, there can be only one that can sweep her off of her feet (and usually, it ain't you, my main man).

2. She's way too sophisticated. Another attraction-factor that men fall for is when they find a woman who does not get intimidated immediately by a man's, uhm, charms? She is independent, responsible, intelligent, and introspective. Only guys who can rise above her challenges can persuade her to take his hand.

3. She's way too enigmatic. In the words of Shrek, "Women, are like onions..." They stink. Or they have layers. Lots of it. And if you don't understand them, well, you're out of the league for now. But there are many a man who will be able to penetrate like knives, to the deepest core of the woman's psyche until suddenly they break through thick walls. And women, I guess by mere intuition, let such guys in. And if you weren't the type, that woman will remain a stinky onion in your dreams.

I guess you can still add to this list, though it does depress me that it has to be like this. There are a lot of women out there, hopefully single, who can be for the men longing for a partner. Or there could be women, who, suddenly reach out their hand to touch somebody else's. Good luck.

Monday, October 16, 2006

Women are From As Ifs, Men are As Ifs

"Why don't you eat more? You're so skinny!"

"It's ok to be skinny. I'm a woman so it's ok to be skinny."

That hurt, really, because I, a man of 27 years, is skinny.

I was trying to get what she meant in a straighter face, but I had to blurt out that she just concluded what women are supposed to be - skinny. I just typed the word three times, and it still hurts.

And in a subtle way somehow she implied what men are supposed to be - not skinny. I guess men are meant to be buff, big, and brawny. And I guess women of this type (big, buff, AND brawny) are bound to be, if not horribly stereotyped, not in the league of those who are blessed with amazingly precise vital statistics and petite contours.

As if men are all born into this world with the same physique, with the same appetites, with the same outlooks. As if women were supposed be angry with their natural inclination to keep more fat and water in their bodies (thus have more weight compared to the men of the same build probably). As if women don't have the right to indulge in an appetite that they think society implies as gluttonous when it is merely a partaking of blessings. As if there will always be something wrong with size and build that nature itself has bestowed upon you.

I guess I don't need to rub it in. As if.