Friday, January 25, 2008

Since, Sins

I was looking through some of the past comments and realized that I did not even get to evaluate them and think about doing something for their part. Most of those that did comment were, as I browsed, women.

One of them, a lady named faye, tries to convince her peers not to ever get caught into the idiocy that is loving a man that is undeserving. I say thank you for her big stride in reaching out. However, we do believe that it is a rather, big, big world out there.

We are to continually see that women seem to be at a disadvantage when they become very emotional about their experiences in relationships. Top it off with the fact that men, in their silliness and arrogance, fail to see this and end up with a commonly misunderstood state - hurt. For both sides, though they may not know it.

I say that there are two things that a woman should do: 1) Be proud. Being a woman is all there is to make men the way they should be - lovers, sincere partners. It is only when your pride begins to crumble that the men end up treading on you and never again see you for who you really are; and 2) Be accepting. Men always say, in cases where we do feel the hurt - that there are a lot of fish in the sea. Women should also accept that men can come and go out of your lives as well, and there's that much that you can do about it. Bitterness doesn't take that away, everyone already knows.

So here's to women - beauty, bitterness, but nothing less. Feel free. Live free. Be free. (Sounding like a sanitary napkin commercial).


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