Saturday, April 21, 2007

Smart Women are Stupid in Love

I remember talking to one of my woman friends and ended up recalling other friends who are of mental caliber, yet have fallen into the pit of stupidity.

Women friends who are really smart with the textbooks and the principles behind each written word, and yet I would hear about them getting dumped, ending up dumping, or duped into pregnancy by their men counterparts (or stupider men counterparts).

I asked this friend of mine, "So does that trend show us that women who may be at the top of their game in geekhood tend to be susceptible to, say, getting the crash in love?" I do remember she responded with the affirmative.

I have no explanation for this phenomenon. Neither do I have anything that can reverse it. All I know is that the other side of the fence shows women who are overtly naive, or are wild in the outside, and yet they end up being able to manage hitching up with marriage without getting pregnant and getting with a guy who is the darling of the world.

There is no self-righteousness behind this though. At some point, everybody, especially men, can make mistakes. But why the smart women? Why do we term them, SMART women?

I need help.


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