Monday, October 16, 2006

Women are From As Ifs, Men are As Ifs

"Why don't you eat more? You're so skinny!"

"It's ok to be skinny. I'm a woman so it's ok to be skinny."

That hurt, really, because I, a man of 27 years, is skinny.

I was trying to get what she meant in a straighter face, but I had to blurt out that she just concluded what women are supposed to be - skinny. I just typed the word three times, and it still hurts.

And in a subtle way somehow she implied what men are supposed to be - not skinny. I guess men are meant to be buff, big, and brawny. And I guess women of this type (big, buff, AND brawny) are bound to be, if not horribly stereotyped, not in the league of those who are blessed with amazingly precise vital statistics and petite contours.

As if men are all born into this world with the same physique, with the same appetites, with the same outlooks. As if women were supposed be angry with their natural inclination to keep more fat and water in their bodies (thus have more weight compared to the men of the same build probably). As if women don't have the right to indulge in an appetite that they think society implies as gluttonous when it is merely a partaking of blessings. As if there will always be something wrong with size and build that nature itself has bestowed upon you.

I guess I don't need to rub it in. As if.


At 3:38 AM, Blogger glitter said...

Umm...I guess I know who said that. There's no need to fret about what she said 'coz the truth remains, love sees beyond superficial beauty. Cheer up teofi! Love itself will find its way to the heart of Ms. Pharma…ahem...
Sorry, dont have permission to disclose further info.he..he..


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