Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Rule One

A friend and I developed what was soon to be called: Rule One. The only provision to it was to never assume anything.

Women, in my opinion do not understand Rule One. I say this because I have met a lot of them who seem to make it a habit to assume a lot of things, especially things about guys. For example, a guy treats you like a princess. What's the first thing you assume? He likes you. Buzz. Nope. A lot of guys (trust me on this one) are just trying to preserve the gentleman's genes. So, yes, he does like you as a friend. Nothing more than that. Your reaction: He should die.

Another example: your best friend is going out with this absolutely impossible-to-be-your-friend type of guy. You tell her that he's not the man for her. She tells you, he's perfect. You assume she's insane. Dear, she is not. She is merely exercising her right to be happy, not just with you.

Guy at work is a pig. That's what you assume. What you don't know is that he is the most caring, honest, and sincere person in your whole office. Also goes with the other girl you hate the most.

You assume that men are ALL pigs. My advice - Rule One.


At 12:38 PM, Blogger nyss said...

hey, i'll post this one in my blog okay? this is really funny and oh so true.


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