Thursday, October 12, 2006


"Why didn't your past relationships work out when you seem like a very nice guy?"

"I don't think women dig good guys anymore."

She went on to say that somehow it was true. Women tend to look for a challenge, something that can go wrong with a relationship. Something that needs a tremendous amount of effort to solve. Something that to a point, gets them out of the boredom that is their "nice guy."

She said that somehow when women get bored they at least want their guy to become like a werewolf of some sorts (this, my interpretation). Change into someone, or something. A bad guy. A real, bad, a** of a guy. And then they're not bored anymore. So you'd hope.

But then I had to smile when suddenly she says, "But *** is a nice guy. And I like him just the way he is."

Men, we have not lived our lives in vain.


At 5:16 AM, Blogger ronnan leah said...

wala naman ng nice guy sa mundo 'no! good thing lang i'm your friend, so you're nice to me... hahahaha

At 1:57 AM, Blogger faye said...

True, true! no offense sa .00001% na probably real nice guys sa mundo but generally, men are great pretenders & liars lol…they pretend to be sweet and nice para makuha ang loob ng babae. They’ll say they care for you but later on pag in love kana makikita mo nalang iba na naman ang nilalandi! Kase nga, gusto lang nila ma inlove ang women at pahabain ang listahan ng mga girls na naloko nila. Maybe that hoists their ego if many would fall for them, feeling guapo na agad or perhaps, eto yong panakip sa mga insecurities nila. My prayer, may d Lord will penalize these kind of men at maging unhappy sila 4 life!

Ive learned my lesson d hard way i allow myself to become a victim, d na ginamit ang utak eh! Parang super pious kase sya at sweet at first na di pwedeng manakit ng kapwa & very active sa church. But God is really good, it was not too late when He revealed the true color of that man before my very own eyes! What I saw was truly painful but I still would pray that his conscience will bother him 1 day (kung meron pa sya nun). Babala ko lang to women, tama na ang katangahan! Huwag nyo kong gayahin at huwag padala sa mga sweet words ng mga stupid men! Naging bitter talaga ako (tingnan nyo naman ang haba nitong comment ko, sidetrack na yata lol!) Well ladies, Be VIGILANT! It's quite an appalling truth, yet still it’s the truth.


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