Thursday, April 19, 2007

Stomach This

Real women are a dying breed. If I were a believer of evolution (which I am not), I'd say they have reached a pinnacle that should not have been ventured to. They have arrested themselves to a point of irrelevance. I prove this by coming to one point - women have abandoned fine cooking.

My generation's women seem to have nothing else in their mind except for careers and the ladder to success. I feel appalled by this because they seem to think that competing with men and the world is all there is to bring them to recognition. Not that the past had nothing to teach us about obscuring the role of women in our life's game. It just seems ridiculous now that women tend to want to prove themselves more and more. What they miss is that they are taking themselves into prominence less and less.

How has this age "refined" our women? The fast track. The microwave. The pizza dinners. For what? A taste of the ol' "if men can do it, so can we." Motherhood can wait. My husband's dinner doesn't have to be special. "I have to work." Work like a man. Talk like a man. Beat the crap out of the man. Cooking is for the oppressed. "I can think for myself."

What is wrong with being able to feed your husband and family a decent, delectable meal? Why do you have to go into corporate careers when you can be loved just the way you are? Is there no fulfillment in being able to supply your family with love through homemade desserts? Where have the women who KNOW how to cook gone?

The real woman would know that it is best to tell a man that dinner is ready rather than that the paycheck has already wasted over. A real man would know that it is easier to tell the real woman how delicious this evening's dinner is than it is to tell her about the hard day at work.

Stop spreading the falsity that men want women who are their equals. We want women who can cook, and can cook real good. Because in that, we can never, ever beat you.


At 6:27 PM, Blogger fotografivän said...

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At 7:36 PM, Blogger fotografivän said...

Sad fact… Nevertheless, Men should know that even career-oriented/competitive women can still become a very caring & loving wife who will endeavor to learn cooking to best care for their families.
To women of this kind (career-oriented) who frustratingly don’t know how to cook for now, just pray for the man who can truly capture your heart for “true love” has inimitable power that can turn priorities & ideals aside. By then, you will realize that having a family of your own is at par with none. Yeah, you don’t have to reach the planet Pluto to prove your worth as a woman nor be the best cook on planet Earth just to be loved. Simply have a HEART who can love completely and there will always be someone who can love you the way you are!


At 1:11 AM, Blogger Dawn Treader said...

Of course, there's also no room for mediocrity. What do you say of a man who will remain a slob, like, in all his lifetime? Living with you? Who will keep telling you the he loves you, and that you love him?


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