Wednesday, November 01, 2006

"I want to have Children"

I've heard this from some friends before, women of course, and they say it with so much enthusiasm as if they can say that during their labor pains. (Of course people will easily say that I myself have not been into labor and have no right to speak of it, but I did have physiological pains of my own for which none of you women will ever understand.) Painful wanderings aside, I get confused as to whether or not wanting to have children was a noble aim or a blind alternative to reality.

I would not hear this from men though. Is this some kind of gender divide, or is the thought of fostering another life within one's own body such a great experience that women will be willing to sacrifice their physique, career, and sometimes, sanity to want to get pregnant or want to have children? Is it the joy of having some little gentleman or lady tug at your skirt as they ask for something so innocent that you could easily give them a hug of delight for? Or maybe its the words that you can tell them while they sleep, knowing that in the morning they'll tell you that they had a dream and you were in it speaking to them?

I may never understand it, but I guess those words should not be taken lightly. Women and children have always been together, in literature, in films, and in evacuations. Whatever strikes the bond, men might just have to learn to follow suit.


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