Thursday, September 07, 2006

Pick Up

I was going to quote this but as for the word "censorship" in this series, I opted not to. This is not for the faint of heart, but I laughed so hard with this I could die.

Click me.

Friday, September 01, 2006

Midnight Mad

It was almost twelve o'clock. I was in a state of numbness, but I was kept awake but a very interesting conversation with a friend. A local in these islands who goes to school in my homeland. He just broke up with a long-time relationship. And right now I can hardly believe how much we had in common in thoughts about them, the women.

"Women don't know what they want." A statement, I must admit, that did not affect me, until now. I asked inside my head, "What about Mel Gibson's movie?" I was dead wrong.

"Women don't know what they want. They have ideals, especially about guys that they want to have a relationship with. But when they get that exact guy that'll fit their mindset, they end up wanting something, or someone else."

He proceeded to tell me that he asked one of his lady-friends about whether his hypothesis was true. Apparently she told him that women did know what they want. Every girl wanted security, good looks, time, care, and all of that. She broke down the list and told him that women will know what they want, it seemed. He said she paused a minute, and then told him: "Wait. Women don't actually know what they want." Case closed.

I have been in that situation. Being tugged from one garment and shoe store to the next. I was being honest. It was a boring experience. The only thing that kept me going was that she assured me that we were going to go to the toy store to check out the new Gundam models after her "window" shops. Sometimes she did buy something, and she'd ask me if they would look great on her. I would tell her it was perfect. She ends up putting it back on the shelf or rack, and we were off to new store adventures.

Some of my lady friends would spend so much time looking at the mirror, checking if their clothes would match their shoes, or nails, or hairstyles. They would ask our opinion, but they end up not liking it. Women don't know what they want. How can they know what they need?

What women want: the ability to not show that they are completely clueless in this Earth.