Tuesday, October 17, 2006

The Woman to Fall For is Always Taken . . .

Chatting online brings up a lot of weird things, including a weird thought. But not all weird things are untrue. Suddenly we got to a couple of sentences that led me to this idea - that when a guy sees a woman, someone he could fall in love with, more often than not, she's taken.

There may be some reasons for this, and I can only outline a few.

1. She's way too gorgeous. Men are known to be attracted primarily with a woman's appearance. A woman who has her way with grooming, her physique, her styles. You know what I mean. And since men are generalized this way, there can be only one that can sweep her off of her feet (and usually, it ain't you, my main man).

2. She's way too sophisticated. Another attraction-factor that men fall for is when they find a woman who does not get intimidated immediately by a man's, uhm, charms? She is independent, responsible, intelligent, and introspective. Only guys who can rise above her challenges can persuade her to take his hand.

3. She's way too enigmatic. In the words of Shrek, "Women, are like onions..." They stink. Or they have layers. Lots of it. And if you don't understand them, well, you're out of the league for now. But there are many a man who will be able to penetrate like knives, to the deepest core of the woman's psyche until suddenly they break through thick walls. And women, I guess by mere intuition, let such guys in. And if you weren't the type, that woman will remain a stinky onion in your dreams.

I guess you can still add to this list, though it does depress me that it has to be like this. There are a lot of women out there, hopefully single, who can be for the men longing for a partner. Or there could be women, who, suddenly reach out their hand to touch somebody else's. Good luck.

Monday, October 16, 2006

Women are From As Ifs, Men are As Ifs

"Why don't you eat more? You're so skinny!"

"It's ok to be skinny. I'm a woman so it's ok to be skinny."

That hurt, really, because I, a man of 27 years, is skinny.

I was trying to get what she meant in a straighter face, but I had to blurt out that she just concluded what women are supposed to be - skinny. I just typed the word three times, and it still hurts.

And in a subtle way somehow she implied what men are supposed to be - not skinny. I guess men are meant to be buff, big, and brawny. And I guess women of this type (big, buff, AND brawny) are bound to be, if not horribly stereotyped, not in the league of those who are blessed with amazingly precise vital statistics and petite contours.

As if men are all born into this world with the same physique, with the same appetites, with the same outlooks. As if women were supposed be angry with their natural inclination to keep more fat and water in their bodies (thus have more weight compared to the men of the same build probably). As if women don't have the right to indulge in an appetite that they think society implies as gluttonous when it is merely a partaking of blessings. As if there will always be something wrong with size and build that nature itself has bestowed upon you.

I guess I don't need to rub it in. As if.

Thursday, October 12, 2006


"Why didn't your past relationships work out when you seem like a very nice guy?"

"I don't think women dig good guys anymore."

She went on to say that somehow it was true. Women tend to look for a challenge, something that can go wrong with a relationship. Something that needs a tremendous amount of effort to solve. Something that to a point, gets them out of the boredom that is their "nice guy."

She said that somehow when women get bored they at least want their guy to become like a werewolf of some sorts (this, my interpretation). Change into someone, or something. A bad guy. A real, bad, a** of a guy. And then they're not bored anymore. So you'd hope.

But then I had to smile when suddenly she says, "But *** is a nice guy. And I like him just the way he is."

Men, we have not lived our lives in vain.